Chapter 2: Helping Others Makes Me Feel Happy!


Click on the box next to the ways you helped today.
I helped other children. How?
I carried groceries for Mom or Dad.
I made my bed.
I cleared the dinner table.
I helped wash dishes.
I picked up toys.
I put paper into the trash.
I held a younger child's hand.
I comforted a friend.
I listened when someone needed to be heard.
I played gently with my pet.
I held the door open for someone to walk through.
I respected the beauty of nature. How?
I picked up some trash at the park.
I turned off lights in empty rooms.
I helped my teacher tidy up the classroom.
I fed the dog or cat.
I threw a ball for the dog to chase in the yard.
I helped make lunches.
I answered the telephone.
I turned off the TV when no one was watching.
I brought in the mail.
I put my laundry into the laundry basket.
I helped fold the laundry.
I carried my clean clothes to my room.
I asked my mom or dad what I could do to help.
Are there other ways that you helped someone today?