Children's Workbook

To The Children
You are a very important part of our beautiful world! Your presence offers hope to many people. Acknowledge the wonder who you already are. YOU have much to share! THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE!
To The Adults
All children are a priceless gift to our world. They are the ones in whom we are placing our trust for the evolution of a world community in which all people come together to love and support one another in ways which bring peace and prosperity to all.

The talents which children have, unique and purposeful, are the wonderful gifts through which they are making a difference in many lives and in our world. These talents give children self-confidence, a sense of direction, a knowing of the ways in which they can contribute.

This book is a reminder to children of the many wonderful qualities which they already have; their talents; the ways in which they are already being kind to others and responsible for our planet. This book is encouragement to follow their dreams with total trust that they are giving their gifts to the world in wonderful ways…and, that they have much more to give and receive.