Chapter 9


To a Conscientious Adult,

Thank you for doing your best with every task you undertake.  What a perfect lesson to share with children!  Whatever responsibility befalls you, the child is watching to see how you will prioritize it, how you will make things better.  So, the time you take to improve the situation; the positive and cheerful manner in which you carry out the work; the special finishing touches you may add…these are the lessons of positive attitude which the child picks up from you.  These are the times when you are saying, “I care that someone shall benefit from the excellent work that I do.”  Thank you for being the best at whatever lies before you each day. All tasks are valuable lessons.  Thank you for taking pride in doing your best in every task which comes your way.


1.     What seemingly menial tasks do you undertake for the good of others or yourself?

2.     How do you feel when you take time to improve a situation?