Chapter 5


To a ‘Life-long Student,’ 

Thank you for the wisdom you share as you honor and learn from differences in people, seeing the lessons they have to teach us.  The patient and accepting example you set makes the world a life-long school for children.  Thank you for setting an example of learning from nature, honoring the needs of trees, vegetation, rivers, lakes and streams. Thank you for respecting birds and insects, and for pointing out their inspirational lessons, such as the transition of the caterpillar to butterfly.  Thank you for respecting the gifts all animals teach us.   

Thank you for taking a moment to reflect upon what may really be going on for someone when they become angry or confrontational in your presence. Thank you for the understanding, positive example you set when someone reacts with impatience or anger in front of children.  The lessons you provide are far-reaching; you are a valuable teacher both to children and to other adults.   

Thank you for listening with compassion to a child who is hurt, sad or angry; for looking beyond appearances, thereby seeing that what the child truly wants, what he/she needs, is your love.  Thank you for providing opportunities for children to see beyond what seems to be and trust in the love in which they are always enfolded.  


1.     What lesson did you most recently learn from a new ‘teacher’ you encountered?

2.     What lesson were YOU able to share by looking beyond appearances?