Chapter 4


To a Talented Adult,

Thank you for the gifts you are giving to the world!  Think of your talents: do you sing? Play an instrument? Do crafts?  Garden?  Cook?  Write stories?  Play and/or coach a sport?  Create a website? Build homes? Give workshops?  Support people in a care facility?  Teach?  You have so much to share with the world, and the example you set by using your special gifts encourages the children who learn from you to explore their own potential and have confidence in their own talents as well.  You are contributing to the evolution of our ever-changing planet. 

The time you take to be with children is most precious. Your sincere encouragement brings them a desire to continue to develop their own unique talents. Thank you for being willing to give of yourself through your unique talents as an example for children to follow!


1.     What are your special talents?

2.     How are you enriching our world with those talents?