Chapter 20


To a Courteous Adult,

It is always appropriate to say, “Thank you!”  The genuine pause, eye-contact, and smile or touch which accompanies any expression of gratitude is a beautiful example for children to remember that someone has taken time to make a situation better for you all…to see that someone cares.  What a beautiful gift to have received!

Thank you for modeling gratitude in every way.  We all feel appreciated when we hear what may seem to be a simple “thank you” accompanied by a smile.  No one knows the depth of self-esteem which may come from those simple words!

Thank you for saying, “Thank You!” Thank you for being a beautiful example of gratitude made manifest in simple, meaningful ways!


1.     How many times a day, and to whom, do you say, “Thank you?”

2.     How do those to whom you have expressed your gratitude, respond?

3.     How do you feel when you say, “Thank you?”

4.     How do you feel when someone says, “Thank you,” to you?