Chapter 2


To a Helpful, Caring Adult,

Thank you for being a loving presence in the lives of others, adults and children! 

Helping them makes you feel wonderful, and they learn by your example!  Being loving and peaceful yourself radiates through those who surround you; love and peace grow continually. 

Helping a child with a simple task such as tying a shoe or opening a milk carton may seem mundane, however, the kindness which you show in taking that moment remains in both hearts forever.  What a gift to have a child to help!  And, the feeling of connection, the appreciation, even if not expressed in the moment, contributes to the feeling of worthiness within each child. 

As your helping extends to others, children observe your kindness, watching as you: hold open a door for a stranger; carry a heavy burden for grandma or grandpa; help in a community project of building a home for someone less fortunate; coach children’s athletic teams; volunteer in classrooms or through service organizations; give a home to an abandoned dog or cat.

The happiness which you feel, as you give of yourself to children and others, returns to you as manifold blessings in your own life also.  Thank you for all that you do for others, and for yourself as well!


1.     How did you help someone recently?

2.     How did you feel while you were helping…and afterwards?