Chapter 19


To a Smart “Eater and Exerciser,”

Thank you so much for recognizing the need for nutritious snacks and providing them as readily available to children. Thank you for choosing a piece of fruit, or some carrots or nuts as you set an example of healthful snacking. Your actions are always observed!  Thank you for offering  alternatives of a variety of juices or fresh, cold water, for those thirsty moments.  Thank you for setting an example of consciously taking a break from other activities, taking time to think about, and enjoy, what you are eating.  Thank you for setting the example of a healthy lifestyle for children by inviting them to share a walk with you, or play a game outside, or by having a workout regime. Children shall prosper forever from your thoughtfulness and love toward them in these important ways!  Thank you! 


1.     What steps are you taking to care for your physical and emotional self?

2.     How do you feel when you take care of your own needs?