Chapter 18


To an Observant Adult,

Thank you for being aware of the support system which surrounds you always…loving people who are here to listen in silence, or to simply sit with you, abound.

And yet, when there are time when you think you are alone…you notice the loving pet who has come to rest his head on your knee; the colorful fish who have gathered at their bowl’s edge; the birds who are chirping within the branches of a tree by the window; the smiling pictures of loving family and friends which are on the tabletops and walls around you; the peaceful music issuing forth from a close-by player; the sun which warms the place where you may stand; the wind which whispers gentle encouragement; insects which busily buzz about you. All are aspects of life, supporting one another, including you, in any moment when you may feel there is no one to turn to.  These bring you strength, examples of the constant flow of life; determination in all aspects of seeking and finding on planet Earth.  Thank you for always sensing the needs of children who may be feeling alone; thank you for being close by with a smile, or a loving hug.  You are never alone.


1.     What are your reminders of support when you might feel alone?

2.     How do you feel when you are in touch with those reminders?