Chapter 17


To an Adult Who Takes Steps Toward Heartfelt Dreams, 

Thank you for setting such a fine example of dedication to purpose.  The steps you have taken to build your life, based upon accepting possibilities which have been presented to you, show children the intricate path to realizing dreams, to examining and trying options which lead to the fulfillment of your dreams. Even though a dream may take years to attain, you are a wonderful example of fulfilling what your heart tells you is yours to achieve. Thank you for being open to modifying your dream to better meet needs of a changing world. Thank you for being more than a dreamer; thank you for being an achiever.

There is nothing which cannot be attained with perseverance and love.  Children are so encouraged by watching your unfailing dedication.  Thank you!


1.     Have you written out the steps you must take to achieve your dreams?

2.     Which of those steps have you accomplished?