Chapter 15


To a Positive Adult,

Thank you for taking the opportunity during a disappointing moment to see the positive side of the experience.  It rains on the day a family picnic to the park is planned; perhaps a great day to watch a move and have popcorn together.  A child is not in the top finishers of a race; however, how wonderful that they chose to participate and persevered to complete the arduous challenge.  The child is not invited to a birthday party that many of his classmates are going to attend; perhaps it is that exact day when mom was planning to take the child out for a shopping trip…just the two of them.  Perhaps mom or dad doesn’t get that new job they were expecting; ah!  More time to spend with the family or create something entirely new! 

By shifting to the positive side of every occurrence, you are a fine example of looking beyond the seeming disappointment to find the good which is always in every situation!   Thank you! 


1.     What positive have you found in a seemingly negative situation? How did you feel for having done so?

2.     How have you supported someone else in this process? How did they feel for your having done so?