Chapter 13


To a Tireless Adult,

Thank you so much for seeing the needs of your family, at home and worldwide, and stepping in to be an example of caring and action.  Adults helping each other with daily tasks provides an example of people working together to provide benefits for many. You are proof that there is nothing, big or small, that anyone cannot handle.  Thank you for “being the solution.”  Being conscious of the feelings of others is such a beautiful quality, and as you demonstrate your leadership, the children who are constantly watching you, see that it is the responsibility of everyone to be amenable to resolving whatever task, small or large, is at hand. Thank you for supporting the “greater good.” Thank you for being a “team leader” for your family!  


1.     How do you help your family and/or the world family? 

2.     What has “being the solution” returned to you as a result?