Chapter 12


To a Tenacious Adult,

Thank you for never giving up on anyone!  Thank you for seeing the goodness, the naïveté, the promise, the miracle, in each person you encounter during the day.  This may require taking a step aside to look with objectivity at any given situation.  However, taking the step to see the good in every situation models your desire for a positive outcome. Thank you for the effort you make to give this love; it is such a wonderful lesson for any troubled child with whom you come in contact.  The example you set has a life-long effect on those children who look up to and respect you.  Thank you for giving more love in every seemingly un-resolvable situation.  Sometimes the love may be “tough love,” however, expressed with genuine concern for a positive outcome, you trigger a process of thoughtfulness.   Thank you for the miracles you create!  So many blessings return to you!


1.     How have you taken the extra step of giving more love?

2.     How did that experience return to you?