Chapter 11


To a Kind Adult,

Thank you for modeling kindness toward all people and toward all creatures of nature.  How wise you are to always consider yourself a teacher in all areas of life!  We are told, “Children learn by example,” and the patience, consideration, and kindness you show toward all other life expressions remind the child to follow your beautiful example. Your kindness shows through the words of encouragement you speak; helping with a community betterment project; honoring a person in need; stepping in for someone who is unable to open a door, or pick up something which has fallen; patience with a pet whose exuberance has led them temporarily astray; spending time quietly with a sad or angry child; even guiding a temporarily trapped fly from a window sill… all the ways in which you are kind are examples of how much you value life.  Thank you!    


1.     How did you model kindness recently?

2.     How did you feel?