Chapter 10


To an Adult Who Values Life,

Thank you for treasuring the preciousness of life.  Thank you for demonstrating gentleness toward all life, even if it is a seemingly “pesky” fly.  Thank you for valuing highly the gift of time, which all life expressions have to share.  Thank you for valuing the differences in all children, and adults; the seemingly insignificant insect which seeks out your hand to light upon; the curious animals who may discover that your garden holds bounty for them to nibble upon. 

Thank you for seizing the opportunity to cherish each moment you may spend with your family and friends.  Thank you for living in the present moment. 

Life has a myriad of manifestations!  Thank you for seeing the beauty and significance of them all.


1.     What experience has caused you to remember that life is precious?

2.     How has that experience affected your life?